Our God is a God of restoration!

NHN Couture

NHN Couture

My friend, you may be broken; you may think your life is beyond repair, may be you “fallen off the wagon” and every thing looks so dark and hopeless. Perhaps you feel like it is too late –like things now so messed up for you even to have a hope. But allow me to share with you this truth today, your life is not beyond repair! It is not over until God says it’s over! No matter how dark your life looks, with Christ your future is bright. Our God is a God of restoration! He is a God of new things. A new life, a new beginning, new covenant, new hearts, and new way of doing things. Because he is a God of new things there is always hope and future. There is joy and peace. Listen what the Scripture says, “I will restore you to health and heal…

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Essential Oil Shelf Life – Chart

Essential Oils and Shelf Life



Shelf life of essential oils:

Approximately 1-2 years Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Nutmeg, Orange
Approximately 2-3 years Fir Needle, Pine, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Juniper berry, Laurel, Lemongrass, Thyme
Approximately 3-4 years Bergamot, Black pepper, Clove, Neroli, Tea Tree, Vanilla
Approximately 4-5 years Basil, Clary sage, Geranium, German Chamomile, Ginger, Lavender, Palmarosa, Peppermint, Petitgrain, Roman Chamomile, Ylang ylang
Approximately 6-8 years Cedarwood, Myrrh, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vetiver

*approximate shelf life begins at distillation*proper storage can extend shelf life*if your oil has changed in appearance, scent or color, it has likely begun to oxidize

Now what do you do with oxidized oils? Well, the great news is you can still use them! Find your favorite cleaning recipe and add a few drops of lemon or lime. Use oxidized oils in wash off products, like foaming hand soap. Just don’t use your oxidized oils in a diffuser, inhaler or in a…

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8 Herbs for common baby issues

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Growing Up Herbal


MAY 7, 2014

8 Herbs To Have On Hand For Common Newborn Issues | GrowingUpHerbal.com Using herbs on your newborn is a wonderful, safe way to help with those little issues that are common with new babies. Not only does it make you feel good to know that you have the ability to help your little one’s body through some minor difficulties all on it’s own, but it makes you feel good to know that you aren’t giving your baby something that’s going to harm or bring toxins into your baby’s brand new little body. Thankfully herbs are easy to learn about and use, but learning is the first step. Your confidence in your abilities and the herbs abilities to treat your little ones will grow over time as you work and practice with them. Let me also say here that I’m in NO WAY saying to skip…

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Blending Essential Oils using Top, Middle and Base Notes.

Essential Oils and You


Many people like to put a blend together by using a top, middle & base note. This is typical in perfumery, but also popular in aromatherapy, as people like to get a ‘well rounded’ scent. It basically means that the blend is put together with a range of oils or scents that will come into play at different times -at the beginning, middle and end. It’s not something I consciously try to do, as I like to focus on the purpose of the blend, but it can be a useful guide especially when you are building confidence and experimenting.

Top notes you will smell immediately, I like to think of them with their molecules widely spaced and jumping around a lot, so when you take the lid off a bottle of perfume, they are straight out of the bottle and are the first to enter the nasal passage and be recognised by…

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The Truth: Bar Soap vs. Liquid Body Wash

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I remember as a child, my whole family used the same bar of soap. Gradually though the bar of soap seemed to disappear and was replaced by liquid hand and body wash. Using bar soap had come to be considered to be unhygienic and a source of bacteria. The strange thing is even though we shared soap, we seldom got sick and had no diseases. In the last five years, I’ve switched back to bar soap again and am still reasonably healthy. So I am just incredibly lucky or have makers of personal care products been masterfully manipulating of our fear of germs?

The switch from bar soap to liquid has been driven by a fear of bacteria lurking on bar soap. Companies encouraged the notion that using liquid soap was more hygienic.

This NY Times article which asked “does each member of the family need an individual bar of…

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